Getting Started with Spatial Vis™

The Spatial Vis™ App is well suited for Introduction to Engineering and Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses. It can also be used in classes dedicated to Spatial Visualization or other STEM courses.


Spatial Visualization has been shown to increase GPA’s and graduation rates in STEM majors and sketching is a key part of learning these skills. Additionally, freehand sketching skills learned in the app help with CAD, creativity, and teamwork.


In a controlled trial, the section that used the Spatial Vis™ app saw over a 3 times increase in the number of students who significantly improved their SV scores.

See the Results page for more on the benefits of freehand sketching of 2D and 3D shapes for STEM majors.

Classroom Implementation

The app can be assigned as homework, since it provides automatic grading and hints when needed. However, if time permits we have developed lectures and hands-on activities to provide classroom activities that increase student engagement. Our teaching resources include:

  • Free Teacher Account

    • The app is free to download, but only provides grading for the first few assignments in each lesson. We give Teachers full access to evaluate the app.

  • Purchase Options

  • Best Practices

    • How to promote persistence.

    • Recommended assignment lists.

    • Integrating grades.

    • Quantifying improvements with pre and post testing.

  • Lectures

    • Introduce students to the benefits of sketching.

    • Lectures for each lesson of the app.

  • Hands-on Activities

    • Can be integrated into the classroom at various lessons.

For a virtual demonstration or advice on how to integrate our products into your classroom, please contact us.